A social architecture to scale trust

Social technologies have allowed anyone to connect with almost everyone else on the globe, eliminating geographical location as a strong barrier to interaction and cooperation. Yet, trust - or lack thereof - remains an issue. Indeed, trusting others is a fragile experience that is - by necessity - restricted to a limited set of peers. In contrast to the “many-to-many” networks that provide limited tools for users to build trust and confidence among themselves, our “few-to-few” architecture aims to bring those qualitative relationships observed in cohesive social clusters to scale. Inspired by the dynamics of complex adaptive systems, this social architecture would be defined by the subjective and direct experience of trust, emotional resonance, and reciprocity. Such a new set of online relational dynamics is expected to be more conducive to social trust and can provide the first steps toward a social ecosystem that is more responsive to adapt in a dynamic environment where change is the only constant.

To further explore our ideas, please read our Social architecture paper.