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INFRAEOSC-02-2019 - RIA - Prototyping new innovative services

Triple - SUCCESSFULLY FUNDED - Starting October 1st 2019

TRIPLE is an ongoing Horizon 2020 proposal awarded to a consortium of 18 partners and lead by CNRS.

“TRIPLE imagines new ways to conduct, connect and discover research; it will promote cultural diversity inside Europe ; it will support scientific, industrial and societal applications of social sciences and humanities ; it will connect researchers and projects with other stakeholders: citizens, policy makers, companies, enabling them to take part in research projects or to answer to some of their issues.”

Meoh’s contribution: ‘Trust networks for the SSH community’

To remain effective in a field in deep transition, the Social Science and Humanities community is now required to embrace a multi and transdisciplinary approach that is natively inclusive of new actors. Since these new actors operate under different dynamics, the challenge is to create new channels of cooperation that are more adapted to transversal collaborations. Trusted relationships being the bedrock of any successful cooperation, our proposal is to develop a network architecture and specific incentives with the aim to build trust and to foster synergies with various stakeholders within and beyond the SSH community - from traditional scientific partners to new actors such as public services, businesses, and citizens. This new infrastructure of cooperation would help to detect reliable partners with increased outputs in terms of visibility, partnerships, and funding opportunities for SSH researchers.