Meoh Research

Meoh Research is a transdisciplinary research group located in Brussels. Inspired by ecosystems and their dynamics, our research is pointing toward a new social architecture and new relational dynamics that may inform a vast array of inquiries ranging from recommender systems to trust propagation, social engagement, distributed governance, resonant leadership, and social impact. Meoh Research aims to provide new participatory and governance models.

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For the purpose of visualizing emotional resonance across a fractal social network, cymatic images may be a good analogy of reciprocal communication from each user’s perspective. To move from visualization to experience, we need to grasp the physics of emotions.

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What is the ultimate nature of desire and human experience? Here we develop an approach to philosophy informed by phenomenal historical reality. In this attempt we explore how philosophy can help us aim for deepest self-realization.    



How can social theory inform more cohesive community dynamics? Here we initiate an understanding of social organizations grounded in emotional resonance. In this attempt we aim to better translate collective intelligence into social impact.


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