Meoh Research

Meoh Research is a multidisciplinary study group which attempts to address the metasystem transition facing humanity. As we venture into uncharted territory, we dare to embrace new approaches and take a new path. We aim to understand how emotional resonance (physics) and collective consciousness (philosophy) can inform new relational dynamics (social theory).

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Do the laws of physics apply to social emotions? Here we develop an approach to social physics with a model that includes the human subject. At a conceptual level, our model appears to address some current outstanding problems in physics.

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What is the ultimate nature of desire and human experience? Here we develop an approach to philosophy informed by phenomenal historical reality. In this attempt we explore how philosophy can help us aim for deepest self-realization.    



How can social theory inform more cohesive community dynamics? Here we initiate an understanding of social organizations grounded in emotional resonance. In this attempt we aim to better translate collective intelligence into social impact.


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