What we do

We are a think-tank based in Brussels and we study how social trust can inform new models of governance in a networked society. Inspired by ecosystems and their dynamics, our research touches a vast array of inquiries ranging from trust propagation to community-centric governance, resonant leadership, social impact, and social engagement.


Why we do what we do

Governance is essentially about how we coordinate each other. In the age of networks, we need a new agile framework for interactions that is inclusive of formal decision-making and of more informal coordination mechanisms, and that can adapt to centralized and to decentralized dynamics.


What we’d like to achieve

We engage in applied research and - starting with a referral system - we aim to provide online tools for individuals and organizations looking to embrace new means of adaptive governance - at scale.


Meet with us

You are welcome to meet with us at various conferences.




from Many Embers One Heat is felt... (MEOH)
— Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy, Paradise, C. XIX

Banner image credit: Volcanos in Lanzarote National Park, Yves Sondermeier