Our aim is to build more cohesive community dynamics.

If collective intelligence is so high, why is social impact so low...?
— The paradox that got us started

Our Mission

Believing that emotionally bonded individuals are better able to translate collective intelligence into social impact, we aim to provide systematic incentives for online communities to reach and maintain qualitative relationships embedded in trust, emotional resonance and reciprocity. 

Beyond building up the theory in our research section, we aim to provide new participatiory and governance models with academic partners and community pilots.

Thus is one heat from many embers felt.
— Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy, Paradise, C. XIX

What We'D LIKE TO Achieve

  • We aim to open the discussion on the adaptability of human organizations in a world where change is the only constant.
  • We aim to foster qualitative online relationships that better help translate collective intelligence into social impact.
  • Ultimately, we aim to provide the blueprint for an online ecosystem of interdependent communities.

Banner image credit: Volcanos in Lanzarote National Park, Yves Sondermeier