Trust, resonance, and reciprocity can be extremely valuable and sometimes priceless…


Who we are

MEOH is a multidisciplinary research group based in Brussels which engages in applied research on social systems.

What we do

Realizing our ultimate interdependence as human beings - and realizing the fact that the people we are connected to represent a social asset of tremendous value - we believe it is time to bring the dynamics of cohesive communities at scale to foster positive collective impact. Since it is how we are connected to each other that can make a difference, we aim to provide social technologies that will promote new qualitative online relationships between the individual and the collective. In contrast to the ‘many-to-many’ social platforms that connect everyone to anyone at the expense of trust, relevance, and meaning, a ‘few-to-few’ online architecture could better support a new breed of community-centric networks that are driven by innovative participatory governance models.

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Our vision

To contribute to society operating as a social ecosystem


Our Mission

To foster cohesive online communities at scale


Our ambition

To provide new participatory governance models


Banner image credit: Volcanos in Lanzarote National Park, Yves Sondermeier