What we do

Social platforms connect everyone to anyone at the expense of trust. Lack of trust is detrimental to cooperation, decision-making, and governance. We rethink how to propagate trust at scale over the Internet and aim to build the trust infrastructure for the future of networked governance.

Our research relates to the following challenges:

  • how to foster citizens engagement and participation

  • how to bring coherence to online deliberations

  • how to make use of collective intelligence to inform better decision-making

  • how to exchange knowledge and best practices within, across, and beyond organizations

  • how to provide wise governance in multi-stakeholder networks

  • how to articulate human and algorithmic governance in smart cities

  • how to develop a human-centric Internet

Who we are

MEOH is a multidisciplinary research group based in Brussels which engages in applied research on social systems.

from Many Embers One Heat is felt... (MEOH)
— Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy, Paradise, C. XIX

Banner image credit: Volcanos in Lanzarote National Park, Yves Sondermeier